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Wall Street: Us and Them

President Barack Obama thinks the Wall Street protests are a sign of the times.

“It expresses the frustrations that the American people feel that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression,” Mr.Obama said. Perhaps, he should have added:  and this is why I urged Congress when I took office to repeal


TARP stands for the “Troubled Asset Relief Program,” the famous billion dollar bailout to banks and other troubled multinational corporations who flushed your cash down the toilet, or who gambled with it and lost only to get a taxpayer funded cash gift.

He also could have added: and that is why I voted against TARP when I was a U.S. Senator. I knew it was bad for the country and was simply unfair.

Of course, the problem here is President Obama did not ask for the bailout law (TARP) to be repealed ever since he has gotten to office. He also has never asked for a bailout for consumers for their debts in a similar manner. You know, write a check, and all is good. He also voted for TARP as a U.S. Senator. Shame.

This is Mr. Obama’s main problem. He doesn’t look like us; he looks like them.

He might say he is for the people (Us) but some of his policies and some his important votes (as a Senator) have been for the corporations (them) who ruined the economy but still got the money. Remember how he was the one candidate who had opposed the war in Iraq? This is what made many people embrace him.

Now, on the most pressing issue of the day, inequality and capitalistic abuses in this society, he seems to be just part of the madness. In fact, no candidate right now can say they have always stood with the people and not the banks and the multinationals.

Mr. Obama, according to his opponents, is now playing class warfare with his latest offerings to create jobs. He is making it Us v. Them. Most people I talk to each day, hard working people who don’t cheat the system, say, it is about time.

- brian gilmore

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  1. starnesd
    October 10, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    Amen, brother. Well-put.

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